The Stink on Natural Deodorant Brands

A few years ago, “natural deodorant” meant scraping hard paste from a jar and frantically rubbing it between your fingers, like you were trying to start a tiny fire, just so you could massage some life back into the stuff before rubbing it into your armpits with your fingers. Safe to say that for mostRead more ⟶

Get Steeped with Bath Teas

There’s nothing like a long, hot bath to relax the body and mind – take your bath time to the next level with specially crafted blends of minerals, herbs, flowers and essential oils designed to help you recharge. Find Your Happy Place Why did we make My Happy Place? We’ve been longtime lovers of epsomRead more ⟶

Have 3 Minutes? Find Your Zen.

In today’s complicated world, it seems there’s never enough time in the day to do everything. The whole world wants a piece of you and sometimes it feels like you can’t get a few short minutes to yourself to reset your vibe & brace for the next wave. Thankfully, we’ve uncovered a secret that weRead more ⟶

What Kind of Business Are We?

The world is changing: severe climate issues, a worldwide economic downturn and a global pandemic, too. As Geti nears its second birthday we’re reflecting on How It All Started, how far we’ve come, and most importantly… What Kind of Business Are We? Geti is founded on the idea that beauty brands can and should doRead more ⟶

What’s Your Skin Type? Your Ideal Routine.

Do you know your skin-type? It can be tough enough to navigate the ever-growing world of beauty & skincare – with so many products out there today, half the battle is knowing how to choose or eliminate that trendy mask or serum based on your skin’s needs rather than your insta-feed… How To Find YourRead more ⟶

Revive Your Dry & Damaged Hands

We’re doing our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 & keep our staff and customers safe while we continue to craft the purest of personal care right here in British Columbia, Canada. One of the best things we can do to prevent ourselves from getting sick is so simple: wash our hands. At leastRead more ⟶

Bacteria & Brushes – Clear Skin’s Biggest Foe

Feel like your skincare regimen is on-point, but you’re still seeing breakouts? It can be discouraging to feel like you’re taking all the right steps, using all the right products and still not getting the results you so crave. We know things like sleep, stress, diet and hormones can all play a role in oilRead more ⟶