Bacteria & Brushes – Clear Skin’s Biggest Foe

Feel like your skincare regimen is on-point, but you’re still seeing breakouts?

It can be discouraging to feel like you’re taking all the right steps, using all the right products and still not getting the results you so crave.

We know things like sleep, stress, diet and hormones can all play a role in oil production and skin issues, but what if you’ve already got all that under control?

Bacteria under a microscope

Searching for Bacteria

Bacteria cover pretty much every surface in our environment. One doesn’t have to look far to find bacteria, we just have to look closely.

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that can live in almost any environment – they’ve even been found in space. While some bacteria are harmful to us, most are vital to life the way we know it.

While the magic of bacteria is the reason we have yummy foods like Yogurt & we couldn’t grow much of anything without it, the types of bacteria that cause skin issues can be easily avoided.

Your hands are dirtier than you think…

Stop Touching Your Face

Right now, we’re hard-wired to keep our hands away from our faces when we’re out in public to avoid spreading our germs and the Coronavirus, but the bacteria on your hands can also wreak havoc on your dreams of clear skin.

No matter how clean we think our hands are, constant face-touching or resting your face on your hands can push dirt, oils and bacteria into the pores where they create inflammation and eventually, acne.

Be conscious of excessive face-touching & ensure your hands are clean before you apply skincare products – even when you’re at home alone.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

When’s the last time you sterilized your makeup brushes?

Most people don’t think much about the cleanliness of their makeup applicators and it can be the cause of chronic and unrelenting skin problems.

A quick look at the inside liner of your makeup bag and we’re sure you’ll want to try out this recipe for a quick & easy brush cleaning detergent you can make using products in your own home.

Our tip – clean your brushes once a week if you’re a daily makeup-wearer and once per month if you only wear makeup sometimes.

Wash pillow cases weekly to prevent bacteria.

Wash Your Pillowcases

You know that sleeping on your stomach is “bad for you” – but you do it anyway because it’s SO comfortable. We’re right there with you.

If, like us, you can’t help yourself when it comes to that oh-so-comfy sleeping position, be extra cautious of the bacteria that can live on your linens and wash bedding at least once per week to keep things fresh and clean.

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