Our Mission & Values

Here at Geti, we want to create a different kind of makeup company.

This is what we stand for.

Honest & Open no misleading or outrageous claims, no photo retouching, and no secret ingredients. We want to be the sort of brand that makes you feel good about your body.

Empoweringwe keep the focus on individuality, equality, and bringing out one’s innate, natural beauty. After all, it’s the differences between us that make the world so beautiful.

Big-Lovechange starts from within, and it’s the industry that needs to change. That’s why you’ll never see negative storytelling or singling out other companies, products or people on our channels.

How will we accomplish our goals?

Honest & Openwe promise to maintain a standard of complete honesty across all mediums/platforms. Screw standard marketing practices that require we “jazz up” claims or flat-out lie to our customers. We make real products for real peopleno shady marketing required.

Empoweringwe will create and promote a community platform for like-minded innovators and disruptors who want to change the world. Let’s choose community over competition and change the world together.

Big-Lovewe will never go after a single company or product. After all, it’s the industry that needs to change. Let’s create a community of educated and conscious individuals that encourage positive change with our buying power.