Revive Your Dry & Damaged Hands

We’re doing our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 & keep our staff and customers safe while we continue to craft the purest of personal care right here in British Columbia, Canada.

One of the best things we can do to prevent ourselves from getting sick is so simple: wash our hands.

At least 20 seconds of washing with soap & water can eliminate most germs & keep us safe, but all that extra hand washing sure has wreaked havoc on our hands.

If you’re like us, your hands are dry, cracking, itchy and rough. It’s a fair trade for whole-body protection, and thankfully there’s a quick and easy way to bring back silky, supple skin to your hands in a jiffy.

It’s uncomfortable, unsightly & unhealthy for the skin to crack: Check out this post to learn more about your skin’s dermal barrier and how you can protect it to keep skin healthy and glowing.

Products Used In This Video

Check out the delectable products we used to revive dry, cracked & dirty hands in minutes:

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