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Happy Holidays – Geti’s Year In Review

Things went down in 2019. We Launched New Products Like Pinky Swear – the ultimate glow enhancing scrub complete with traditional plant-medicines and aromatherapy techniques guaranteed to bring a smile to any face. Plus TWO new Serum formulas to soothe dry, damaged or unruly hair: Flower Power Hair Serum is fully-loaded with healthy fats to …

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Geti Goes Waste-Free

Sustainability is important to us. We know the beauty industry has a massive impact on the environment, and we want to do things a little differently… Say goodbye to plastic packaging in favor of recyclable & returnable Glass and Metal, which can be repurposed & recycled when customers are done with a product. We’ve launched …

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Fall/Winter Shopping Guide

Long, hot days may have turned to cold, dark nights in a flash, but the Geti team is in full-gear for a groundbreaking, industry-changing Fall & Winter season. Here’s where you can find us: Kelowna Wellness Fair When – November 2-3, 2019 Where – Parkinson Recreation Centre Event Website Come find us at the Kelowna …

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Can Makeup Affect Your Hormones?

Ever wonder how the chemicals in traditional personal care might affect your hormones? What is Endocrine Disruption? Endocrine disruptors are chemicals which interfere with your body’s natural endocrine system — the system in your body which manufactures and circulates the hormones that regulate reproduction, stress, sleep, metabolism & more. These Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) can …

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Gluten-Free Beauty: What’s The Deal?

Gluten-Intolerance, Gluten-Sensitivity, Celiac Disease? Today, Gluten – a protein found in wheat, barley, rye and spelt grains is a hot topic in restaurants – but what about your beauty products? Let’s Talk About Gluten To be clear, Gluten is not evil. It’s a completely natural part of real, whole foods that come from the Earth. …

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Summer Feet Be Gone

This week kids are back to school, and for most of us, it seems that summer nights dancing in sandals, quick, shoeless trips to the water, and cool blades of green grass between our toes are things of memory. If you’re like us, all that spontaneous summer fun left your feet in need of an …


Want To Go Foundation Free?

Skincare + Selfcare for All Types. Imagine a morning with 10 extra minutes of sleep, extra snuggles in bed, extra zen while you sip the first taste of morning coffee… Last week we talked about Skin Science – why your skin hates foundation, and promised you a better way. If you’re like us, you’ve longed …