Go Ahead, Enter Nirvana

Need a little help to focus for that 5th Zoom meeting of the day?

Feeling the wrong kind of jittery after your 3rd, extra-large coffee?

These days I find myself reaching for the most natural options available, and usually that means opting out of stimulants with potentially annoying downswings in favour of plant-medicines that uplift and nourish my body and soul. More often than not, I choose not to put things into my body at all, relying on my senses to help me along and set me right.

After years as a lab-rat testing all the latest supplements, protein powders, energy-boosters and Biohacks, I’d learned to fear any “medicine” that claimed to be too good to be true (80’s and 90’s babies understand) so I dug in and researched alternative methods from a more natural time.

Aromatherapy Halos

Many years ago while traveling I’d heard of a remedy for travel sickness which involved dabbing peppermint oil in a “halo” at certain points atop your head as a way to envelope the senses in this invigorating oil.

The problem is, many essential oils, including minty varieties can be drying and irritate sensitive skin and hair which didn’t seem like a fair trade off to me. So, I worked to find a way to take advantage of the benefits of these essential oils without risking the health of my scalp.

I considered other natural remedies, including a personal favourite, acupressure – the light pressure/massage of certain pressure points to encourage proper blood and lymphatic flow to promote healing and eliminate pain, etc., many of which points exist along the top or “crown” of the head.

To my delight, combining these two ancient methods of self-care with the ultimate feel-good item (the perfect accessory) meant I could benefit from Aromatherapy during meetings, while working on my own at the computer, in the lab while crafting products, or while puttering at home AND, I could look great while doing so.

Aromatherapy Halos were born of my own need, and I know you will love them just as much as I do.

What Do The Halo Names Mean?

Each Aromatherapy Halo is handcrafted with love and care using one-of-a-kind stones and seaglass. Halos are created without a design or template, simply based on how certain gems choose one another.

We believe that loved things deserve a name, so we gave each Halo an Ojibwe/Anishinaabe name to represent the energy of its centre stone.

Find Your Halo Now…


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