Let’s ROCK 2021 – A Year In Gratitude.

2020 was interesting to say the least.

Some things happened that really sucked: staying at home meant missing out on so much of the fun stuff in the world. Other things happened that opened our eyes to the changes we need to make now if we want the kind of future our kids deserve to live in to exist by the time they grow up.

Through it all, we worked diligently to bring our idea of clean beauty to life.

Here are a few of the brighter moments of the year that shall not be named…

Check Out The New Look:

We launched new products and eco-friendly packaging alongside our new Name & Logo.

We’re still the same small beauty biz you know and <3 – and now our name represents what we stand for above all else – LOVE.

We Were Featured In These Great Posts:

Yahoo Finance – Full Article Here: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/16-must-know-ethical-beauty-173000986.html

We were ELATED to see this post in Yahoo Finance that was picked up by more than a dozen other news providers – wow!

Shop Local Canada – Read The Full Article Here: https://www.shoplocalcanada.ca/2021/01/02/canadian-business-feature-geti-cosmetics/

We’ve been working with SLC since 2020 & we were so excited when this post when live at the beginning of January – what an amazing way to kick off 2021.

Loti Wellness Feature – Read The Full Article Here: https://lotiwellness.com/geti?fbclid=IwAR3IK7RULrclS-xAS1wXp-SaHx93JsQsIRlmKAfZ_Gu60kj6hEib75FFico

We were delighted to supply Loti Wellness with Good Fats Body Butter for their December subscription box and are so grateful for the feature they created that tells the story of how we got started.

Acknowledging The Territory Of Our Ancestors:

As an Indigenous business, we understand that the time is now to educate and unify & that the first step toward reconciliation is acknowledgement. That’s why we’re so excited to announce that each & every product we craft now comes with an acknowledgment of the traditional Sinixt lands upon which we work. It’s with the greatest respect and humility that we’ve been allowed to use nature’s bounties to nourish our skin in this place.

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