Enter Nirvana – Aromatherapy Halos


Go ahead, enter Nirvana…

Enjoy your favourite essential oils in style

What Are Aromatherapy Halos?

  • beautifully handmade headbands with natural lava stones, semi-precious jewels & seaglass
  • lava stones absorb essential oils and provide a “Halo” of aromatherapy around the user
  • one-of-a-kind, stylish accessories that help you feel good

Customise it: choose your style & oil blends.

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These gorgeous handmade headbands are a stylist way to enjoy the essential oils you love Рwithout the  worry of skin-irritation that can be caused be direct skin contact of undiluted essential oils.

Benefits of Essential Oils:

  • Ease stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Boost feelings of relaxation and calm
  • Improve sleep quality & helps users to fall asleep
  • Help improve quality of life for people with long-term health problems or chronic illness – may ease side-effects like nausea or pain.
  • Fight bacteria & help improve immune function – ie. may help keep you healthy

Aasaakamig – Moss (green stone), Aki – Earth (brown seaglass), Anangokka – Many Stars (white stone), Aniibiish – Leaf (green seaglass), Custom Order, Dakwange – It Bites (seashell), Giiwedin – North Wind (white seaglass), Nawadam – Take A Bite (seashell), Nibi – Water (blue seaglass), Noodin – Wind (white seaglass)


Brightening – Citrus Blend, Calming – Spa Blend, Refreshing – Mint Blend, Repairing – Floral Blend, Soothing – Lavender Blend


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