Serum – Your Skin’s Superhero

Chances are you’ve tried a hair or skin serum before. Plant and animal-based oils have been traditionally used for centuries by Indigenous people across the globe to moisturize and protect the skin – Cleopatra & the ancient Egyptians can thank oil-based serum for their historical beauty — there is even evidence that these oils were READ MORE

Dry Hair Therapy

Frigid temps, Arctic winds, Holiday Celebrations & those cozy nights by the warmth of theĀ fire all take a toll on hair; leaving frizz, damage, coarseness, and split ends in the wake of Winter. For many of us that means extra care during & after the winter months to keep locks looking luscious and feeling smooth READ MORE

Makeup History – Contouring

In the 16th century, contouring was used by Elizabethan stage actors, who applied chalk and soot to their faces to help audience members read their facial expressions from afar. In the late 1800s, when electricity was invented and lights were widely used, soot was no longer a viable or plentiful resource, leaving actors and artists READ MORE

Pinky Swear You’ll Love Our New Scrub

It’s the end of a particularly long work-day… You were passed up for a big promotion, said some things to your boss you can’t take back, and when you got home you realize you’ve locked yourself out of the house. As you climb through the bathroom window, strategically placing a fully extended foot atop the READ MORE

Peppermint Beard Oil – Geti Men

No doubt, a special guy in your life has indulged in a whiff of your Cacao Kapow Kissable Bronzer, or maybe you’ve convinced him to take part in a #spaday with a relaxing Green Lion Calming Matcha Mask or Wake Me Up Refreshing Coffee Scrub. Now he can feel great using a beard oil that’s READ MORE