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Frigid temps, Arctic winds, Holiday Celebrations & those cozy nights by the warmth of the fire all take a toll on hair; leaving frizz, damage, coarseness, and split ends in the wake of Winter.

For many of us that means extra care during & after the winter months to keep locks looking luscious and feeling smooth and healthy, but which products really work and how can you get the most out of your hair throughout the cold months?

Get’s tried-and-tested tips for Healthy Hair all year long

Wear a loose-fitting hat when you go outside.

A warm hat can help you stay warm in cold weather and also protects the skin of your scalp, hair follicles and new hairs from harsh winds and temps that cause damage.

Be sure your hat is loose-fitting to prevent excessive rubbing or breakage of delicate hairs.

Tie up or tuck long hair into your hat or jacket to protect ends from ice during extreme weather.

Style Before You Go

Leaving the house with wet hair won’t get you sick (sorry, Mom) but you can save your hair from permanent damage and breakage in the wintertime with a little time-management.

Leave frozen icicle-dos to Disney Princesses and ensure your hair is dry before you go.

Not into heat-styling? Get ready to chill with a relaxing shower – try out one of our 3-Minute Zen Shower Melts – and wash your hair before bed.

Wash Your Hair Less

Our scalps secrete more oil, dirt and sweat during warmer months, meaning we need to wash hair more often to keep things clean and oil at bay.

However, artificial heat, frigid winds and more are extremely drying, which means we require less frequent washes to maintain moisture balance.

Pro-tip: Wash your frequently-worn hats with a non-toxic detergent once every few weeks to keep them smelling fresh.

Massage In An Oil/Serum

When things get dry, restore moisture and shine with an all-natural serum aimed to tame frizz, protect hair and keep the scalp happy.

Try Geti’s Flower Power Healing Serum with nourishing plant and essential oils to help restore your hair’s full glory.

Flower Power is loaded with Antioxidants, Healthy Omegas and Traditionally-used Plant Oils and has been carefully crafted for all types of hair.

Men – do you find that winter months leave facial hair coarse, itchy and dried out?

Worry not, guys – we’ve got you covered.

Check out Geti’s Anti-Fungal Beard Oil – designed to keep facial hair clean and free from odour-causing bacteria and viruses and our new BeardLove Styling Wax – packed with styling power and natural moisture for facial hair of all kinds.

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