Serum – Your Skin’s Superhero

Chances are you’ve tried a hair or skin serum before.

Plant and animal-based oils have been traditionally used for centuries by Indigenous people across the globe to moisturize and protect the skin – Cleopatra & the ancient Egyptians can thank oil-based serum for their historical beauty — there is even evidence that these oils were once used as a method of payment.

But Seriously…what’s the deal with Serum?

What is Serum?

Looking for a skin pick-me-up? Look no further then a well-balanced skin serum.

This skin-nourishing nectar is usually comprised mainly of plant-based oils and specifically chosen nutrients that pack a punch when it comes to knocking out dull, uneven, and aging skin.

While it’s not designed to replace cream-based moisturizer, serum is a fabulous addition to any skincare routine & when layered underneath your regular moisturizer – they’re a wonderful solution for ageing skin and wrinkle reduction.

How Do I Use Serum?

Dermatologists suggest you try any new product for 7-8 weeks before deciding if/how it agrees with your skin (unless you have an immediate adverse reaction).

While you may notice some immediate benefits – like increased moisture if you’ve got dry or flaky skin – it will take some time for the vitamins and antioxidants in serum to create lasting change to skin’s texture, tone & overall appearance.

  1. Always apply products to a CLEAN face & with clean hands.
  2. Apply serum directly to clean skin of the face & neck with your fingers.
  3. Give yourself a soothing massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce inflammation.
  4. Apply moisturizer to seal in oils and protect your dermal barrier.

Which One Do I Choose?

Depending on the goal of your skin or hair, there are many clean options to select. When picking the right serum for you, keep in mind:

What are your skin goals?

Looking for anti-ageing, extra moisture, brightening, acne-solutions? Read the label/product information and tap into your friends/community reviews before you decide which serum may be right for you.

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What is Serum?

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