3 Minute Zen Scrub Steamers


Aromatherapy & Exfoliation in ONE.

Easy & Convenient is the name of the game for 3-Minute Zen. Exfoliate dead skin & smooth away rough patches with this travel-friendly, drain-friendly mix of aromatherapy & skin-loving exfoliants.

Choose Your FAV Scent:

  • Detoxifying – Something fresh – A blend of delectable mints to invigorate your senses.
  • Brighten – A blend of citrus fruits to make you smile from ear to ear.
  • Soothing – A floral blend that will have you off to lala-land before you know it. The ultimate chill.
  • Repairing – Let this rosy blend help you find a calm space to plot your revenge.
  • Calming – Need some calm? Let the childlike and innocent notes of tea tree + lemon bring you back to a simpler time.

Now available in smell-proof bags of 3 & 10!

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Our all-natural aromatic scrub solids are the perfect blend of convenience and luxury.

Enjoy soothing aromatherapy from the comfort of your shower while you exfoliate your way to healthy, glowing skin.

Product Specifications: Comes in smell-proof bags of 3 or 10 individual solids.


Each solid is single-use. Gently scrub dead skin away and smooth rough patches from wet skin.

For use on the face & sensitive skin, crumble solid in your hands before scrubbing into skin.

*Follow up your soothing shower with ultra-nourishing Good Fats Body Butter.



10 Pack, 3 Pack


Beach, Please – Pineapple, Blue Moon – Lavender Flowers, Calming – Tea Tree, Mixed Scent, Repairing – Rose Blend, Brightening – Citrus Blend, Detoxifying – Mint Blend, Soothing – Lavender Fields


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