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In today’s dangerous world, we’re all about safety and protection. Helmets, seatbelts, locks, and cameras galore monitor our brains, hearts & lungs at all times — but what are we doing to protect our skin?

The body’s largest organ – the skin – is truly beautiful and complex. A massive filter between you and enormous amounts of radiation, toxic chemicals and physical danger from the outside world. Constantly making decisions about what to let in and what to keep out, it’s got an endless and thankless job.

The skin doesn’t just keep us safe by filtering things from our environment, it’s also responsible for shedding unwanted dirt and oils from within to prevent infection and disease. Think about the last time you got a splinter or cut: Over time, your skin pushed out the dead & damaged cells, potentially-harmful bacteria, and even tiny particles and residue left behind that might have caused issue later.

No doubt, the dermis is one strong and resilient organ that helps keep us safe and healthy in a toxic world, but we also rely heavily on our skin as a sign of our youth and beauty. We expect a lot of her – The skin must be a warrior and a piece of art at once.

How can we keep such an important part of our bodies safe from harm?

Don’t be a pawn to the skincare hype. Get in the know about skin protection.

Protecting Your Dermal Barrier

Your skin’s outermost layer serves as it’s first defence against harm and without it, you’d be a literal mess. Known as the Stratum Corneum by your dermatologist, this layer is most affected by hydration, so be sure to keep your skin hydrated from both sides to ensure your first line of defence isn’t just a row of pawns awaiting slaughter.

Be sure to drink plenty of water, and use products that truly nourish with fatty acids & moisturizers/humectants (ingredients that draw in water) rather than alcohol and fragrances, which will only dry out the skin and make problems worse.

What’s a Humectant?

You may have seen or heard this term scattered across skincare blogs & media in the past weeks, but what exactly is it?

A Humectant is a fancy word for something that draws in water from the surrounding environment, rather than dehydrating or evaporating over time. In your food, it’s a chemical additive that can help keep things from going stale and in skincare, it helps your skin draw in moisture from the air so you stay dewy and plump – just like a plant.

The problem is that many of these moisture-increasers are made from petrol and butane products, which may penetrate the skin and interfere with our cells and hormones and may potentially lead to health issues or disease down the line.

That doesn’t sound like a fair deal to us, and thankfully there are many ways to get the benefits of humectants without fossil fuels.

Look for products that contain the many plant-based humectants that exist readily within most living things in nature, and have not been shown to have any of the same negative effects.

Pinky Swear Coconut Scrub – You can count on soothing Coconut Oil, which contains essential Fatty Acids and natural Humectants from plant-extracts & the right amount of gentle exfoliation to help prevent pore blockages and uneven appearance.

Good Fats Body Butter – Nourish with Avocado, a natural humectant while you let Olives do the work to create the best kind of natural barrier while your skin heals.

Good Fats Lip Butter aka Beauty Balm – Avocado does its work here too, but this time we let a few other plant-based butters come to the party and do their job at smoothing any rough or scaly patches.

Dermal Barrier and Aging

When we think of youthful skin, we see images of moisture-filled, plump and dewy faces filled with abundance and rosy light that glows from within. And, if you want to glow from the inside-out, you’ve got to be sure the pull the curtains.

Dry, rough, uneven skin can dampen even the brightest inner-glow. Healthy, well-moisturized skin that’s hydrated from within and protected from the outside is truly ideal not because it allows us to feel beautiful, or to put ourselves on display, but because it’s a pillar to whole-body health and wellness that starts with our largest organ – our skin.

We hope you liked this article about skin protection and how to keep your dermal barrier intact. Check back next week when we dive into another issue.

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