Cosmetic Hotlist – What You Need To Know

We’re on a mission to change the beauty industry, and the world, for the better.

As consumers, we’re more conscious than ever about chemicals and the environment around us. There’s still lots of work to be done, and so much more we can learn, and it’s amazing to be a small part of a huge shift toward ethical, conscious living for our generation and generations of the future. That’s why the Canadian Government is constantly reviewing and re-reviewing chemicals and ingredients to ensure the products that hit our shelves are safe for use in our homes.

Recently, there have been a few proposed changes to the ‘Cosmetic Hotlist’, a list of both natural and synthetic compounds that may cause side-effects or health concerns, and should be noted on labels or removed from products entirely.

This list is not comprehensive.

Sodium Bromate

May be found in hair products – particularly those for straightening or perming the hair. Please note the proposal is to prohibit this ingredient in any product due to cancer-causing potential.

“A revision of the current restriction to a prohibition is being considered. Sodium bromate is toxicologically equivalent to potassium bromate, which has been prohibited since March 2011 due to its carcinogenic potential, as assessed by the Government of Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan under the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999. The two entries will be combined into one entry for Bromates.”

Thioglycolic Acid

Another straightening/perming salt used heavily in lash treatments, this acid is corrosive and potentially irritating, and may also cause permanent damage to your vision.

Here’s a snapshot from a report the New Jersey Dept of Health did on Thioglycolic Acid in 1998, which was revised in 2005 about the clear dangers of this acid.

Eucalyptus Oil

That’s right! Natural, earth-made Eucalyptus Oil is on the Hotlist – but not for the reasons you think…

While Eucalyptus is soothing, calming and inspires a feeling of Zen in us adults, it can overwhelm tiny lungs when inhaled and can cause serious issues if ingested in large amounts. For that reason, all products containing Eucalyptus Oil in Canada will have the following warning listed on the label.

What are we doing differently?

Our 100% Natural, Food-Grade Cosmetics and Skincare don’t contain any of the harsh chemicals or acids that cause permanent damage or irritation. We have removed Eucalyptus from our 3-Minute Zen Shower Melts and Good Fats Body Butter, until we can source a suitable alternative without any potential risks for you or your loved ones.

Because your makeup and skincare shouldn’t come with a warning label, unless it that label reads:

“WARNING: this product will make you feel fabulous!”

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Thioglycolic Acid from the New Jersey Govt

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