Ancient Ayurveda + Traditional Teachings

The average woman uses 12 personal care products containing 168 chemicals every day.

We absorb up to 70% of what we put on your skin, shouldn’t it be good for us?

Everything we make at Geti Cosmetics is 100% food-grade, and although our products weren’t designed with taste in mind, you can count on completely natural ingredients that are safe for your skin and the skin of those you love.

We make every Geti Cosmetics and Skincare product from ingredients you can find in your kitchen based on the traditional knowledge of our ancient ancestors — who knew a thing or two about how to use the plants, herbs, and minerals provided by the Earth to live better, healthier lives. Three principles guide everything we create.

Each Product We Create Must Have 3 Things:


The average woman uses 12 personal care products containing 168 chemicals every day – we don’t need more products, we need better products. Life is complicated enough, and that’s why we make multi-use cosmetics and skincare that are ideal for all skin types and shades.

Feeling a little dull? Use our Lip Moisturizer on cheeks and eyelids to create a youthful dewy glow.

Need some eyeliner? No problem – our Burnt Brow Powders can be applied pencil-thin to create the perfect cat-eye for your night out.

Plant Medicine

Our Founder grew up exploring the woodlands and forests across Canada. Under the guidance of leaders and elders in the First Nations community, she gathered knowledge on plant-medicines and ancient remedies and the beauty secrets of our ancestors to improve skin tone and texture, fight acne and other inflammatory conditions, and even help stave-off aging.

We believe nature provides everything we need to thrive on this Earth and the best ingredients are grown and harvested, not created in labs.

Aromatherapy – Ayurveda

Does your bronzer fight the Monday Blues?

What if your body butter could chill you out at the end of a long day?

We take scent seriously and it’s not just because we think flowers are pretty. Scent is one of our strongest associators to happiness and calm – meaning we can use different smells to trick our brains into feeling good, even when we’re not.

Each Geti product has a unique, signature scent aimed to improve your overall experience and mood. From smiling with citrusy-scents to sleepy and chill with soothing-lavender we’ve got all your bases covered.

BONUS – we use 100% food-grade essential oils to scent all Geti Cosmetics and Skincare products so you can inhale deeply and smile wide – no harsh fragrances or chemicals here.

Let’s change the world together.

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