Geti’s Sustainability Goals

Waste-Free in 2020

You may have noticed some changes to your favourite Geti products…

Plastics have been replaced with recyclable metal and blue glass, and changes are coming to our packing and shipping materials as well.


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Environmental Impacts Of The Beauty Industry

You’re more conscious than ever about what’s in your makeup, but what about what your makeup comes in?

Unfortunately, sustainability in the beauty industry isn’t really a thing.

According to this article from Independent U.K. – the industry generated over 142 billion units of plastic last year alone. You can bet that most of those were not recycled, and ended up in a landfill, or worse, in the ocean.

After all, most companies don’t use recyclable packaging and it can be tough to figure out just how to recycle certain plastics if your local depot or curb-side pick-up won’t take them.

Our Sustainability Initiatives & Goals for the Future

Waste-Free Product Ingredients – we firmly believe in using every part of our materials. Since many raw ingredients come in, well “raw” form, we’re able to process materials and use various parts in different products. Nothing goes to waste.

Changes to our Packaging – you’ve seen some changes to our Good Fats Body and Lip Butters, and have been loving the cool blue glass that houses our Anti-Fungal Beard Oil. Check back soon to see 100% recyclable packaging across all products within the coming months.

Shipping and Packing Materials – we already use shipping material that’s mostly recycled/recyclable, but we’re not satisfied there. We’re on the hunt for shipping materials that are 100% biodegradable, maybe you’ll be able to plant it in your garden for a floral surprise (wink, wink).

Growing Our Own Ingredients – our BFHG (Big Fat Hairy Goal) is to grow and produce the majority of our plant extracts and oils in our own facility one day. Aside from helping us ensure constant quality and rigorous testing, we also love the idea of a Geti HQ Garden.

100% Canadian-Sourced Ingredients + Materials – we can’t grow everything, especially package and label materials. That’s why we’re so proud to say that Geti sources all product, packing, and shipping materials from Canadian businesses because we believe that supporting local isn’t just good for the economy, but also the environment.

Waste-free in 2020 – Our Promise + Return-It Program

We’ve got a big love on for this beautiful, bountiful planet we call home and we want to be sure she exists for all the future generations to cultivate and nourish. That’s why we’re on a mission to go 100% waste-free in 2020.

From ethical and sustainable sourcing of ingredients & packaging, shifts to recyclable materials for all stages of handling, and future plans to grow our business and a literal garden of creativity, we’re not leaving anything to chance.

COMING SOONPackaging Return Program – The best part about our metal and glass packaging? It’s 100% re-usable. Nature loves to recycle, and we’re into it. Have empty tins or glass from your Good Fats Lip & Body Butters or Anti-Fungal Beard Oil? Ship them back to us and get money back toward your next purchase! Stay tuned for more info on this program, including free postage provided in partnership with Canada Post.

Let’s ensure there’s nature for future generations to make memories in.

Our Sustainability Challenge

We’re on a mission to change things, and we can’t do it alone. We want to call other companies in the beauty industry and beyond to take responsibility for our impact on the environment and make an impact together with steps toward sustainability and a waste-free economy.

Let’s change the world together.

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Independent U.K. story on plastics in Beauty

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