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What’s in YOUR Makeup?

Would you use blush designed to make you break out?

How about mascara that might cause cancer?

As consumers, we’re more diligent than ever. We want to know exactly what’s in the products we use so that we can make an educated decision about what to buy and what to use in our homes, with our families, and on our skin.

But how much do you really know about what’s in the makeup you use every single day? Let’s look at a few brands and see what we find in the old ingredients list.

The results will surprise you…

Category 1 – Blush

Subject A:  This brand is big in the natural makeup space, so would it surprise you to see Ethylhexyl Palmitate (a fatty acid that creates a silky texture) and is a known comedogenic which can cause break-outs and irritation? It’s the 3rd ingredient in this brand’s blush.

Head down to the bottom of the ingredients list and you’ll find Titanium Dioxide which, According to Mercola can cause Neurological dysfunction, even Cancer.

Category 2 – Brows

Subject B: Brow pens/pencils are oh so convenient and easy to travel with. Take a trip to ingredient 5 on this popular brand’s high-performing brow pen and you’ll find Tridecyl Trimellitate which is classified by the Canadian govt as “expected to be toxic or harmful” to your organs.

Head further down and you’ll find the above mentioned Titanium Dioxide, and other Iron Oxides, which are safe in small amounts but accumulate in our bodies unlike other substances as we cannot flush metals from our system the way we do many other elements.

Category 3 – Bronzer

Subject C: You may look like you’ve come home from the Bahamas, but this bronzer contains an ingredient derived from Petroleum. Polyisobutene is classified as a medium health priority and (while “safe” for use at specific levels by the FDA) it’s also “expected to be toxic or harmful”.

If that isn’t enough, this brand also contains all the oxides AND Dimethicone, which the government actually recommends a restricted use of in cosmetics, for similar organ toxicity reasons as the Polyisobutene.

Subject D: Honestly, most of the ingredients listed on this brand are numbered color-codes rather than actual ingredients, which even we had to Google for this article. The one ingredient we could read, Phenoxyethanol, a preservative that can cause skin irritation, but has also been shown to cause damage to the kidneys, liver, nervous system, and many other organs you need to keep on living!

Subject E: This VERY popular cosmetics company touts their ingredients sourced from nature, so it was very surprising to see the ingredients of their bronzer, “made from clay” which is mostly made from Talc (aka baby powder and also super toxic).

Mixed in with the Talc, of course, are a few ingredients like Boron Nitride and Phenyl-Trimethicone which help increase your absorption of those nasty Oxides we’ve been talking about that seem to be in just about every other cosmetic.

We didn’t have to look far to find products with these types of ingredients. These brands are the rule, not the exception in the makeup industry. Some of these products are the natural alternative on the market right now. Many of these ingredients aren’t even the worst of the worst, but we’ll get into that more later…

Now, let’s talk about the ingredients in Geti Cosmetics, which are all 100% food-grade and safe to eat:

BrowLove Powder and Butter are naturally-tinted with things like bamboo charcoal and maca powder, to help detoxify and restore balance to your skin, rather than pulling in heavy metals to be absorbed by your organs.

Our Cocoa Kisses bronzing powder smells like chocolate because it’s made from chocolate. We would never sell or promote a product that barely contains the ingredient it’s named for.

When it comes to what’s in your home and on your body, the choice is always yours. Will everyone who uses chemical-laden cosmetics become ill from them? Who knows.

Here’s what we do know:

  • Many of the ingredients commonly used in cosmetics are harmful to us in larger amounts, and…
  • Many of these ingredients accumulate in our bodies over a lifetime of use as we have no way to flush them out.
  • On top of this, many of the ingredients actually increase absorption of other heavy metals and toxins.

There is another option for clean, natural cosmetics that are made completely from ingredients made in nature that you would gladly eat, so you can feel good about putting it on your skin.

I hope reading this has inspired you to have a peek in your makeup bag/drawer/magic chest and really look at what you’re putting on your money-maker.

Next week we’ll dive a little deeper into the beauty industry and what needs to change, A.S.A.P.

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