All About Skin Protection

In today’s dangerous world, we’re all about safety and protection. Helmets, seatbelts, locks, and cameras galore monitor our brains, hearts & lungs at all times — but what are we doing to protect our skin? The body’s largest organ – the skin – is truly beautiful and complex. A massive filter between you and enormous READ MORE

Ancient Ayurveda + Traditional Teachings

The average woman uses 12 personal care products containing 168 chemicals every day. We absorb up to 70% of what we put on your skin, shouldn’t it be good for us? Everything we make at Geti Cosmetics is 100% food-grade, and although our products weren’t designed with taste in mind, you can count on completely READ MORE

Geti’s Sustainability Goals

Waste-Free in 2020 You may have noticed some changes to your favourite Geti products… Plastics have been replaced with recyclable metal and blue glass, and changes are coming to our packing and shipping materials as well. Why? Environmental Impacts Of The Beauty Industry You’re more conscious than ever about what’s in your makeup, but what READ MORE

Summer Sun Safety

A little photosynthesis never hurt anybody, right? We love a good sun-soak as much as the next gal, and we’ve read the hype on UV Rays, but what about all the Carcinogenic properties of heavy-metal and petroleum-laden Sunscreen? Sunscreen is touted as the secret to lasting youth by celebrities and Doctors alike. Whether you’re interested READ MORE

Conscious Beauty – Our Mission

Your body is an amazing machine. The meat-suit you wear everyday is capable of some epic feats and it’s more resilient than it gets credit for. Think about it, the skin is subject to constant attack at each second of the day as environmental toxins, UV rays and everyday organic materials come at you — READ MORE

Hack Your Mood with Essential Oils

The War For Your Senses. “Perfumes are the feelings of flowers.” –  Heinrich Heine Why do certain smells make us happy? Much of how we associate scent to emotion is based on our memories and past personal experience. Our brain constantly takes in information from each of our senses, filtering it to make sense of READ MORE

Makeup History – Contouring

In the 16th century, contouring was used by Elizabethan stage actors, who applied chalk and soot to their faces to help audience members read their facial expressions from afar. In the late 1800s, when electricity was invented and lights were widely used, soot was no longer a viable or plentiful resource, leaving actors and artists READ MORE

Heavy Metals & Your Skin

Rock & Roll all night long, just be sure to wash your face before bed… You know lead and arsenic are bad for your health, but what about your skin? Heavy metals like Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Micas, even Mercury are popping up on ingredients lists faster and faster these days as big brands look READ MORE