Hack Your Mood with Essential Oils

The War For Your Senses.

“Perfumes are the feelings of flowers.”

–  Heinrich Heine

Why do certain smells make us happy?

Much of how we associate scent to emotion is based on our memories and past personal experience.

Our brain constantly takes in information from each of our senses, filtering it to make sense of situations and cement them in our memory. Familiar smells from happy times make us smile, while smells from unpleasant times can have the opposite effect.

Those with allergies will usually notice a particular aversion to a flower or herb they’re allergic to because we associate the smell to our negative reaction to it.

Science has helped us map reactions to common odors, and might even allow us the tools to “hack” our moods when needed.

Recent studies have shown how odor manipulation could be the key to your success:

“People exposed to the smells of baking cookies or roasting coffee were more inclined to help a stranger than people not exposed to odor manipulation.” – Scientific American – Read more in References.

There’s little doubt that consumers like products that smell pleasant to us, but what are artificial fragrances made from?

Fragrances – What They’re Made From.

We’ve been trained to think fragrances and perfume are still made from flowers and herbs, but usually what’s inside is anything but. Most “fragrances” are actually a combination of synthetic chemicals, including petroleum and butane products…

The problem is that “Fragrance” gets a free pass with Health Canada and the FDA, and many of the chemicals these products are made from have not been tested for safety in human via skin-absorbtion or inhalation.

What can you do to avoid potential toxins?

As always, the best way to stay safe is to educate yourself — read product labels and never buy anything if you aren’t sure what’s in it.

Choose products that opt for essential oils that are made in nature and supplied by quality producers with a common goal of sustainability for your health and the health of the planet.

There’s no need to risk potential health-concerns, essential oils pack all the memory enhancing punch of chemical-laden fragrances and boast potential benefits to your health.

Check Out Essential Oils

High-quality essential oils are a great tool for those looking to hack their mood, sleep, digestion & much more using the power of smell.

Essential-oil Diffusers, Naturally-scented candles & home-made DIY oil blends are an easy way to dip your toe into the world of plant-based essential oils & see what works for you without investing too much out of the gate.

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“Botany I rank with the most valuable sciences, whether we consider its subjects as furnishing the principal subsistence of life to man and beast, delicious varieties for our tables, refreshments from our orchards, the adornments of our flower borders, shade and perfume of our groves, materials for our buildings, or medicaments for our bodies.” 

–  Thomas Jefferson


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