Summer Feet Be Gone

This week kids are back to school, and for most of us, it seems that summer nights dancing in sandals, quick, shoeless trips to the water, and cool blades of green grass between our toes are things of memory.

If you’re like us, all that spontaneous summer fun left your feet in need of an overhaul…That’s why we crafted this totally luxurious foot-fixing routine that will leave you and your feet as happy as clams – minus the barnacles – so you’re free to get close and cozy under the covers this Winter.

Photo by Nathan Trampe on Unsplash

Soothing Foot-Fixer Routine

  1. Soften Dead & Dry Skin – Dead skin can leave feet looking and feeling cracked, rough, and dry. It can be downright painful when severe enough, so start your day at the foot-spa with a warm water and epsom soak or long bath to soften dead and dry skin to make removal easy and painless. Check out this post for our DIY Epsom Soak Recipe.
  2. ExfoliateDead skin won’t fall off on its own (I hope), so be sure to help your dry skin along its journey off your body with gentle manual exfoliation. Use a pomace stone, file, or all-natural scrub like our Wake Me Up Coffee Scrub, which is great for the whole body to sluff off old damage to make way to soft new skin.
  3. Nails & Dirt – Sometimes feet need a deep scrubbing to really come clean after a long day in the garden or playing with the little ones. Invest in a good nail brush, or use a pointed file to clean dirt and skin from under nails, remove overgrown cuticles and cut those talons and then use a gentle oil (olive oil works great) to nourish and moisturize nail area.
  4. Moisturize – Feet take a literal pounding with each and every step you take. Show them some extra love with a nourishing, water-free moisturizer that’s thick enough to stay put during friction and helps draw moisture to the skin, like our Good Fats Body Butter.
  5. Eliminate Fungus – Itchy, irritating, and sometimes stinky….foot fungus is a real mood killer and can affect the health of nail beds, and more. Fungus and Bacteria can run rampant in public showers and recreation sites. If you notice yellowing nails, or abnormal shedding of the skin between toes, or other places. Check with your doctor, and consider using a moisturizer that contains menthol or other drying ingredients that can help.

Make sure your feet aren’t a mood killer with this foot-fixing routine.

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