How It All Started – Our Story

Q&A with our Founder

We’re so excited to celebrate our 2nd Birthday in August 2020. It’s been an amazing journey & we’re just getting started.

To celebrate we did a Q&A with our Founder, Ashley Whetung to learn what Geti is all about & how this crazy-cool beauty biz got its start…

About Our Founder

I grew up in Southern Ontario, Canada between my traditional Ojibwa territory and rural Ottawa Valley. Coming from a strong Indigenous family, I was always taught to be proud of my culture, including the use of plants for all kinds of health, beauty & medicinal benefits. As I grew up, the young rebel in me forgot much of that teaching and I’ve been relearning and reconnecting since my 30th birthday – when a health scare made me seriously re-evaluate how I lived my life and what I put in or on my body.

How Did Geti Start?

Geti began as many ideas & businesses do: out of my own personal need. I was looking for products that contained only the cleanest of ingredients, and when I couldn’t find anything that I was really satisfied with, I started to research and test out my own recipes.

What Woke You Up To Chemicals In Makeup?

A few years ago, after a lifetime as an athlete and more than a decade working in the health-tech world, I got sick and wondered why. As far as diet and lifestyle were concerned, I was going above and beyond to stay healthy, but when I looked at the ingredients in my makeup and personal care products I was shocked to see so much I knew nothing about.

Turns out, the chemicals in many products are known to be harmful to our bodies — some have even been shown to directly cause hormonal disorders and Cancer, yet they’re perfectly legal in our shampoo, concealer, mascara and more.

Safe to say, I was mad and felt let down by a shady industry and myself for not doing my due diligence as a consumer.

I started doing my research and found that even the “natural” alternatives were full of heavy metals & other harmful stuff, or they were uber-expensive and more than 50% water.

So, I started working with the ingredients I knew to see if I could make something better.

What Was Geti’s First Product?

Our flagship product is still my favourite — our Cocoa Kisses Bronzer. It’s so decadent, always buffs out perfectly to create whatever look you’d like, and the chocolate smell can’t be beaten.

Why Make Products From Food?

I’ve been focused on food’s ability to impact health and wellness for more than a decade.

When I first got my start in Health & Fitness, I fell for the hype of every energy drink, stimulant, pseudo-food there was, and paid the price when gut issues and food intolerances came back to bite me.

Through my own trials and errors (many, many trials and errors), I developed and tested the idea that food just might be the medicine we’ve been missing and opted for more real ingredients and less shortcuts.

Armed with a solid foundation of Nutrition and Food, the Traditional Knowledge of my Indigenous Ancestors, and some know-how on the Biology and Chemistry front to craft quality products for your whole body that ensure your health comes first.

Where Do You Want To See Geti Next?


There’s a reason we keep the price of our products so affordable — we want everyone using Geti. You shouldn’t have to compromise your health for the products you use, and quality products should not be a privilege of the wealthy.

We want to see Geti on shelves across the world — from independent small-businesses to big-box locations, so everyone has access to truly natural products regardless of their location or economic-status.

Here’s a list of our current retailers.

What Kind Of Products Can We Expect in 2020?

Shhhh, it’s a secret!

Well, we just launched all new labels to go with the waste-free packaging we’ve swapped to as we go waste-free in 2020.

I’ve got a few new makeup products coming early 2020 that will make anyone who likes more dramatic looks very happy. We’re also launching two new unisex body products, and two hair products (one for men and one for women).

If you want more than that you’ll have to watch our Instagram or Pinterest feeds…

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