Skin Science – Steps to Foundation Freedom!

Face it – bare skin feels best.

No matter how silky, creamy, or smooth it is, even the most expensive and luxurious foundation still feels like makeup.

After a while, it gets sticky, patchy, itchy, or plain irritating…

Let’s get real — Makeup, especially oil- based foundation and concealer feels terrible on the skin and degrades throughout the day.


The synthetic-oils (usually butane or petrol-based) in foundation mix with the dirt and oil on your skin and pile up to block pores, which stops them from doing their job — shedding dead skin & oils.

Once there’s a build-up of yummy dead skin lying around, bacteria rush in for a feast on the meal — Hello Pimples!

Here’s an infographic that shows the different stages of irritation, from healthy pore to full-blown acne pustules.

How Pores Work

What we know as pores are tiny openings that surround hair follicles all over our skin. All humans have nearly 5 Billion of them, and most are too tiny to see.

These follicles also house Sebaceous Glands that carry oil, dead skin, salt out of the skin through the tiny openings at the surface. This material has been designed to protect your skin from damage, bacteria, viruses, and more, but when we seal the surface with synthetic, oil-based foundation, there’s no way for the skin’s protective oils to penetrate and do their job.

They build up underneath the surface of our skin until the blockage is dealt with – one way or another. Depending on your skin-type (oily, dry, combination, hormonal, etc.) issues can crop up in different ways and may become more or less serious for you.

Perhaps full-blown acne isn’t your problem, but you’ve noticed signs of advanced aging due to poor elimination of toxins and waste through clogged pores?

Feeling more dullness than dewy-glow, or rough appearance from a build-up of dead skin on the surface?

Dark Circles or Hyperpigmentation and you’re not sure how to get your skin back to its happy and healthy self?

It can be scary to consider going without foundation, but the best way to prevent the blockages that cause acne and other inflammatory skin conditions is to keep skin clean and free from pore-clogging products.

Our skin was designed to breathe and shed dirt and oils. Any product (no matter how clean) will affect the overall health of your skin.

That’s why we’ll never make a foundation here at Geti. That’s not our deal. We’re here to protect and nourish your body’s largest organ.

That means proper skincare — loaded with soothing plant-oils, rejuvenating fruit and veggie extracts, and zen-inducing essential oils all specially curated using traditional Indigenous North American and Ayurvedic knowledge.

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Want to learn more about how you can go foundation-free?

Check back next week when we’ll get into the nitty-gritty and give you our ultimate clear-skin guide to happy skin that doesn’t need to be covered up. Bonus – you’ll get the real story about how our Founder went foundation-free, including photo diary!

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How Pores Work

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