Going Green?

Does the thought of “going green” exhaust you?

It seems like every day we’re told something we love is bad for us. In a world that feels more serious than many of us have seen in our lifetime, we need those little indulgences to keep us sane.

(Can I get an Amen?)

Even our guilty pleasures are under fire: wine contains pesticides, our most favorite junk is not only loaded with the sugar we crave but also dyes and chemicals that affect our metabolism or hormones, and now the precious self-care products that for years have helped us escape bad friends, bad grades, and bad men is one of the worst culprits yet.

Is anything safe?

If Going Green has you seeing red, here are a few tips to help ease your transition.

Start SLOW

There’s no need to Kondo your bathroom cabinets.

Option 1 – One Step At A Time: Choose one or two products you use the most, and swap them for a Clean alternative. Next month, swap out the 1-2 next most used products, and so forth. Your bank account will thank you.

Option 2 – Snail’s Pace Wins The Race: Does that seem like too much? “Waste not, want not” isn’t just something your Dad used to say to get you to eat your dinner, it’s a life philosophy. If you can’t stand the thought of throwing away unused product, wait until you run out of something to replace it with a chemical-free option.

Watch Out For Green Washing

Green Beauty is trendy right now, and companies big and small have hopped on the band-wagon, hard. Noticed an increase in products featuring “plant-extracts” or marketing that used words like “natural ingredients”?

Many companies feature natural ingredients in ads and on the package, but fail to mention the chemical-laden carriers, heavy metals, and preservatives that make up the bulk of their products.

Do yourself a favor and read the full ingredients list of any product you buy. There’s nothing worse than spending your hard-earned cash on a product, only to be disappointed by crap ingredients that irritate your skin later.

One Room At A Time

Nobody is perfect. It can be easy to become overwhelmed if your goal is to have a 100% chemical-free home, today.

Take some pressure off and focus on cleaning up one aspect of your home at a time — Beauty and Personal Care products are a great place to start, as we now know we absorb between 20 and 70% of what we put on our skin.

Do your research, and once you’re happy with the changes you’ve made move on to another type of product: Home/Cleaning Products, Food Storage and Cookware, Air and Water Purification, etc.


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