Glow Guide – Vol. 2

Tips to Nix Dull Skin

We’re back for Volume 2 of Geti’s Glow Guide – Your No B.S. guide to the radiant skin you seek.

Now that your skin is smooth and soft, thanks to a gentle exfoliant, you’ve detoxified your body of alcohol and skin-aggravating foods, and you’re getting the proper amount of daily sunlight exposure for your skin-type and region, you’re ready to take your glow to the next level.

Let’s get dewy, baby!

Here are Geti’s Glow Guide steps to your best glow:

Go To Bed! – Get Better Sleep

As we all learned in College, no amount of youth, exercise or skin care can make up for the repair and regeneration of your body during restful sleep.

If you’re overtired, over-stressed, or just plain over it, your skin won’t do you any favors. You need to get the right amount of restful sleep for your body to eliminate stress hormone Cortisol, which is the antagonist of Collagen and antioxidant Melatonin.

Want better sleep? Here are a few of our fav tricks when counting sheep just doesn’t cut it.

  • Ensure the room is as dark as possible; that includes shutting curtains/shades, covering lights from devices, and closing the door (if possible).
  • Turn your device off/to Airplane Mode. Aside from keeping you (and your partner) awake, there could be serious health risks associated with extended exposure to cell-phone radiation. While the science is unclear, do yourself a favor and leave your Instagram scroll for the morning.
  • Keep the room cool. The ideal sleeping temperature for the human body is approx 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn down the thermostat – you’ll even save a few $$ on the heating bill.
  • Store calming essential oils/creams at the bedside. Soothing lavender does wonders when you just can’t stop thinking about that thing that happened today at work.

Restore Moisture Barriers

Dry skin is more than just annoying, it’s technically broken. Tiny cracks in the skin, like the dry flakes you find on your cheeks, forehead, or chin in the winter may be due to damage from the environment or harsh, drying chemicals in your personal care products.

You can’t do much to affect the weather, but you can choose a soothing moisturizer that’s free from irritating chemicals and fragrances to help restore the moisture barrier of your skin and prevent future damage.

Opt for a chemical-free option, like Geti’s Smooth Operator Buddha Butter + Night Cream and be sure to apply moisturizer to clean skin before bed.

Your skin’s natural oil production is lowest while you sleep, and the skin is most ready to accept nutrients from creams and serums during this time. Think of it as your skin’s golden hours. Beauty sleep is real.

We hope these recommendations help you achieve the radiant skin of your dreams.


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