Geti’s Glow Guide – Vol. 1

Tips To Nix Dull Skin

Some days, I feel like my skin is just as dull and grey as the sky this never-ending winter.

Limited sun-exposure, frigid outdoor temperatures, artificial indoor heating, less-than-regular exercise (it’s ok, we’re all in the same boat), and decreased access to healthy, fresh produce can leave your skin looking and feeling dull and ready for a polish this month.

Want to help restore your skin to glowing radiance this month?


This week we’ll walk through the first few sneaky culprits of your dull complexion, and show you how to can maximize glow now.

Sun Exposure & Vitamin D

There’s a lot of conflicting news floating around the internet on whether or not the sun is good or bad for your skin and health.

On the one hand, we need daily exposure to the light from the sun to produce Vitamin D, enhance production of feel-good hormones Serotonin and Sleep-inducing Melatonin (which is produced when the sun goes down to encourage you to sleep each night).

On the other, we know that too much exposure to the UV rays emitted by the sun’s strong light will damage the skin, and can cause Cancer. So what’s the deal

Well, it’s both…

The Low-Down on Sun-Exposure

Aim for no more than 15 minutes of unprotected sunlight exposure per day for optimal health benefits without damaging your skin — and remember that sunlight that shines through windows counts.

Here’s a post on sunlight exposure from Healthline with more info.

Hydration + Nutrition

You know the old saying, you are what you eat? Well, it’s a cliche because it’s true. The food and water we consume have big consequences for our skin.

So, how do you maximize life and skin-health at the same time?

Say NO to Alcohol – even if you’re good with sulfites, wheat, or artificial color and flavors in many specialty beverages, alcohol can wreak havoc on skin-ruling hormones like Testosterone, Estrogen, and Cortisol. In fact, just one drink can affect proper hormone production for up to 24-hours consumption.

Check out this post by Naturopathic Dr. Brooke Kalanick and sub your wine or beer with herbal tea or virgin-versions. 

Ensure you drink enough water to fuel your cells. Check out this post on daily water intake from The Mayo Clinic.

So, bummer, no booze, BUT…Eating the right foods to nourish your body and help you achieve that dewy-glow you want is easy and delicious.

Here are a few simple guidelines to help you determine what works for you.

  1. Enjoy Good Fats: Avocado, Chia, Flax, Fresh Fish, Coconut and Olive Oil are all great sources of healthy Omegas that moisturize skin from the inside, out.
  2. Colors = Skin GOLD. Opt for fruits and veggies rich in Red, Greens, and Oranges for vitamins A, C, E & Antioxidants galore.
  3. Look in your Spice Cabinet for inspiration. Did you know Turmeric and Cinnamon are good for your skin? Check out this post from Chalkboard Mag for the top 10 spices to add to your diet.
  4. Eliminate Problem Foods – Does milk make you break out? Stay away for a week or two before a big event. Is Wheat your problem? Knowledge is power. Know your trigger foods to regain control of your complexion.

GENTLY Exfoliate Dead Cells

What’s the most efficient way to get glowing skin?

Sluff off all those old, dull, dead, and dry cells to make way to fresh, youthful and radiant skin.

How deep do you need to go?

The goal of manual or “induced” exfoliation is to enhance and promote natural shedding of the skin. It should not be painful, leave permanent marks or scars, or cause bleeding.

There is such a thing as over-exfoliation, and some exfoliants can have negative effects on certain skin-disorders, like Rosacea, Psoriasis, or allergic reactions. Never exfoliate irritated skin.

A good skincare routine means you can forego expensive spa treatments and opt for a natural exfoliant that’s also inexpensive and you can do at home, whenever you need to!

Need some options? Check out our Wake Me Up and Pinky Swear Scrubs!

  • 100% Natural! – No Chemicals or Toxins of any kind.
  • Gently Remove Dead + Dry Skin
  • Nourish, Hydrate + Protect New Skin

We hope these recommendations help you achieve your best look. Check back next week for Volume 2 of Geti’s Glow Guide.

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