Our Skincare Routine – Spa Day with Geti

What does your skincare routine look like? We’re all about showing our skin the best kinds of love and attention to help achieve the right kind of glow from within – without leaving oily residue or acne-causing inflammation behind. Check out this simple video showing our 3 step skincare routine that can for a little READ MORE

Pinky Swear You’ll Love Our New Scrub

It’s the end of a particularly long work-day… You were passed up for a big promotion, said some things to your boss you can’t take back, and when you got home you realize you’ve locked yourself out of the house. As you climb through the bathroom window, strategically placing a fully extended foot atop the READ MORE

Geti’s Glow Guide – Vol. 1

Tips To Nix Dull Skin Some days, I feel like my skin is just as dull and grey as the sky this never-ending winter. Limited sun-exposure, frigid outdoor temperatures, artificial indoor heating, less-than-regular exercise (it’s ok, we’re all in the same boat), and decreased access to healthy, fresh produce can leave your skin looking and READ MORE