Is Cruelty-Free the same as Natural?

Get In The Know About Green Beauty

Natural Beauty is a big deal right now. The trend is so hot, even big brands have jumped on board the Green Beauty train for a slice of that oh-so-sweet, plant-based pie.

Now that we’ve got a spotlight on cosmetics, we’re all about creating, marketing, and #hashtagging to death buzzwords that help sell products. The problem is, customers like you aren’t clear on the big difference between all these new categories of products and how to best navigate the store shelves to get exactly what you want the first time.

Let’s talk about the difference between Cruelty-Free and Natural Products.


In the animal rights movement, crueltyfree is a label for products or activities that do not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world.

Wikipedia Definition

Animal testing in the beauty industry is still a big problem. Sure, we all watched Elle Woods save poor Bruiser’s Mom from a life of lipstick and mascara, but in reality, animal testing can be much, much worse, often involved permanent damage or injury to the animals. Remember, animals are the creatures often tasked with ensuring an ingredient is “safe”, not that it “works”.

Organizations like PETA have taken the Cruelty-Free definition one step further and have insisted it includes harm done to animals indirectly, via environmental factors, displacement, etc.. Companies can register with PETA in order to certify their Cruelty-Free status (don’t worry, Geti is in the process right now), and customers can download a free list of certified brands from the PETA website to take shopping.

It’s so important to ensure the products we use today don’t impact the animals, but what about your health and the health of the planet?

The one thing a “cruelty-free” label can’t tell you is if a product and its ingredients come from natural sources. Just because something isn’t tested on animals, it doesn’t mean its safe or even good for you.


Do a Google search for “natural cosmetics” and a dictionary definition won’t pop up, just pages and pages of brands claiming to be your top choice — that’s because…there IS no definition!


That’s right, folks. The governing bodies that regulate what can and can’t go in the products on your shelves has never defined the term, meaning companies have no guiding light to show us what’s considered natural and what isn’t.

What that also means is companies can say they’re “natural” “non-toxic” or “Green” without changing anything but a few words on their labels and you’re caught in the middle.

As a customer, knowledge is your power.

You know what natural means to you and in your home, so read ingredient labels in full & research any ingredient you’re not sure about before you buy.

Check out the Environmental Working Group (EWG) to search for ingredients you’re not sure about. Soon, Geti Cosmetics will also be EWG Verified.

Check out Geti’s Online Shop, stocked full of chemical-free makeup and skincare to feed your skin and get free shipping in North America on all orders of $50 or more.

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