Hormones & Your Skin

How To Get Your Skin to Behave Itself, For Once…

It’s Friday morning and you have a huge presentation to deliver before a banner weekend of weddings/events that will no doubt be stocked with friends and lovers, both new and old alike. This is it. You’ve prepared for this. You’re ready.

You head to the bathroom to tame your mane/the rat’s nest that formed from your hair overnight, but when you glance in the mirror you see it…not only do you have to deal with knotted locks, a volcano erupted on your face while you slept too.

Your mind races, frenzied as you try to figure out what to do next.

How do I cover this?

Should I POP it?

Wait a minute, isn’t it supposed to be called ‘Beauty Sleep’?

Those pesky little pimples tend to pop up when we need to present our best face, and for a few reasons that are related to being a woman (yay!)…

Those of us with two X chromosomes are ruled by 3 main sex hormones: Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone. Yes, women have Testosterone! You’re probably familiar with Estrogen (the ruler of your ladyhood) and Testosterone (a.k.a. mojo) as antagonists. The whole “Women are from Venus” mentality and all that, but the truth is that women of all ages produce and require Testosterone for a healthy life.

For a complete rundown of Hormones 101, Read this blog post from the Women in Balance Institute.

These hormones are constantly fluctuating to meet your body’s needs and they rule your menstrual cycle, but ALSO your mood, energy, sleep, appetite, and appearance. They’re a big deal, to put it lightly and hormones that are out of what can reap serious havoc on your health.

So how do you even start balancing what’s always in motion?

1. Use Your Hormones To Your Benefit

Get an app to track your cycle. Knowledge is power, and it can be hugely beneficial to your mental and sexual health to track and record your cycle and activity with an app.

We love the FLO app, which is free!

Did you know your sex hormones can make you more prone to injury? Once you’re tracking your cycle, go one step further and sync your cycle to your diet and activity to help your body and skin stay healthy and injury free.

Check out this post on Healthline with full details!

2. Stress – The Eternal Jerk

Stress is a huge hindrance to clear skin. Excess Cortisol (the stress hormone your brain releases when you’re getting ready to F.T.F.O) actually speeds up the skin’s aging process, called Glycation and dries out your skin at the same time, so it’s less supple and bouncy and looks dried out, which increases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

On top of that, stress and cortisol increase inflammation in your entire body, which can make existing skin conditions like Acne, Eczema, or Psoriasis even worse.

Reducing stress is not easy! In fact, it’s something you’ll have to work on for the rest of your life, but once you learn how controlling stress hormones can impact the health of your entire body we think you’ll feel that it’s worth it.

We love doing yoga, exploring the outdoors, and doing at-home spa treatments when things get hectic.

3. Cycle Your Skincare

We can only do so much to control what goes on inside once choices have been made.

Last weekend’s bender, all those late nights at the office offset with early morning workouts at the gym have already made a rude impact on your skin. Until time-travel is real, here are a few ways you can use Geti Skincare to help ward off the next volcanic eruption.

Scrub Away Dry Skin Mid-Cycle – dry skin got you feeling scaly as your Estrogen skyrockets? Exfoliate your way to a baby smooth face (we make no promises for your mood) to prevent future blockages. 

Calm The Storm Before Your Period With Green Lion – the week before your period you may notice you sweat more than normal as your basal body temperature rises to prepare for menstruation. Opt for skincare that calms and helps stave off bacteria that can make its way into open pores.

C-Here Charcoal Mask During Menstruation – your estrogen levels are at the lowest, and your testosterone is higher, meaning your skin may be more oily and sensitive than usual. Opt for skincare that detoxifies and calms irritation.

Repair Old Wounds Post-Period with Hey Rose – you came, you saw, you conquered. After riding the rollercoaster, opt for skincare that helps repair damage and prepares your skin for a fresh cycle.

Read this post for more info on how sex hormones affect your skin.


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