3 Killers of YOUR Clear Skin

And what you can do to fix it!

One of the questions we get a lot is “when are you going to launch a foundation?”

A BIG Green Beauty boundary is that there isn’t (yet) a truly natural substitute for traditional concealer or foundation, and many women feel that being seen in public without these products is simply not an option.

After all, what would people think of us if they saw our imperfections?

Women especially can’t imagine presenting an imperfect face to the world. We gawk at dewy glow as if it were actual currency. The truth is it’s invaluable to so many of us. We slather on concealer, foundation, bb, and cc cream galore until we’ve hidden each pore from sight and we feel “ready” to show ourselves.

We’ve discussed in a few previous blog posts that many ingredients in cosmetics today actually harm and irritate the skin, meaning you’ve got to wear more makeup to cover up the damage your makeup is doing…seem like an uphill battle?

Worry not! There are a few simple things you can do to help nix toxic products and behaviors from your life for a big leap toward your perfect skin…

#1 – Sleep

We spend nearly 1/3 of our lives asleep; 6-8 glorious hours per night, if we’re lucky. While our brains shut down, allowing us to dream and reset the main computer, the body is hard at work to repair the damage done each day and in today’s world, we do plenty that needs to be repaired.

These days, everyone has a “hack” to help you get less sleep and be more productive because you have more waking hours to get sh*t done. The problem is that if you constantly take shortcuts in your sleep time, your body will take shortcuts too.

While your body focuses on repairing the important stuff: you know, organs and soft tissue, your skin will suffer – leaving you will dark circles, an uneven complexion, and overall dullness.

Read more about the importance of sleep to your skin’s health in this article from Everyday Health.

#2 – Diet + Hydration

diet and hydration are pillars of clear skin.

What goes in your body plays a huge role in how it performs, repairs and looks. We know what proper nutrition can do for our weight, but most of us pay little attention to how our diet can affect both the appearance and texture of our skin.

Ensure your diet is rich in fruit and vegetables, healthy fats, and fiber to help your skin detoxify damage and replenish old cells with new, healthy ones. Check out this article from Self for some inspiration.

Did you know that you can hydrate your way to dewy skin? That’s right, much of chapped lips and dry skin is actually related to your overall dehydration, so be sure you drink plenty of H2O each day to keep your skin looking young and supple.

Bonus – ample hydration helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite (which most people have, by the way).

#3 – Environment

Life in a bubble would be tough, and without going full-weirdo you can’t do much to change the air you breathe or the tiny particles that hit you unknowingly every second as you go about your day.

But, it’s easy to make a better decision for what touches your skin intentionally…

You can make a conscious choice to eliminate toxic products from your makeup and skincare routine.

Opt for products with nourishing ingredients that help repair and invigorate your skin. Allow your natural beauty to shine through.

We hope this article has helped you take steps toward your ideal look, whatever that may be.

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