Tell Us Your Skin Concerns

We’re gearing up for a ground-breaking 2019, and we want your help to create the best space possible for beauty lovers from across the globe to find and learn real information, tips, and science on cosmetics and personal care, and of course to engage with us!

What are your greatest concerns about skin, skincare, aging or personal care?

No topic is off limits — in fact, the more we can get to real-talk and the nitty-gritty of topics that can really help people, the better.

We don’t want to create puff pieces. We want to help you solve your skin problems and put your best face forward, literally.

Some topics we have in mind:

Milia – What are they and how to (safely) get rid of them.

Acne Deep Dive – The different types of acne and how to best treat your skin from the inside, out.

Skincare for “Down-There” – How to keep your “parts” feeling and looking young and healthy.

Leggy Lumps? – How to beat ingrown hairs and other lumps and bumps this winter.

Damage Be Gone – How to heal and repair damage from the sun, acne, and other injuries.

What would you like to see on the Geti Beauty Blog?

We’d love to bring you solid information with scientifically-backed articles and studies, based on your personal care needs.

Send us your ideas in the comments below, or reach out to us via email at

We promise not to use your personal information in the articles unless requested.

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