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Jade Rollers

Gently drain away stress & toxins in your skin with a cool, calming Jade Roller. Great for depuffing swollen eyes and more, they’re an inexpensive and non-invasive method of lymphatic drainage and have been linked to graceful aging.

*Pro Tip: store your Jade Roller in the fridge for adding cooling benefits.

Gua Shua

Relieve stress & muscle tension in the face — the Gua Shua is similar in function to the Jade Roller with one big benefit: soft tissue massage. The mechanics of these stone-carved tools mean they’re perfectly designed for the curves of the face and your hand, which allows you to massage out tired cheek, temple or eyebrow muscles & even increase circulation.

*Pro-Tip: Clean Gua Shua frequently to prevent bacterial growth.

Makeup Eraser

The time of wasteful “makeup wipes” is over and we’ve smartened up to low-waste & waste-free options for makeup removal. This microfibre cloth is perfect for removing makeup with a little hot water – no chemical-laden makeup remover required.

*Pro-Tip: Travel with me – no more stained hotel towels.

Dry Body Brush

Aside from being seriously soothing, a good dry brush session is the best pre-shave exfoliant. Dry Brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and may help reduce the appearance of cellulite, increase circulation, and possibly even improve digestion & kidney function.

*Read this post on Mercola all about Dry Brushing.

Choose More Plant-Based Foods

Geti is 100% Plant-based, and so is our Founder. Why grow plants to feed the animals we eat, when we could feed ourselves with those plants and eliminate so much waste?

Check out her e-cookbook – Tell Them There’s Meat In It – 52 Plant-Based recipes made to satisfy all appetites and prepare recipes that inspire us daily.