A Breath O’ Fresh Air – Mask Spray


Feeling FRESH…

We all HATE #stankmask – Breathe easy with all-natural mask deodorising spray.

What makes Breath O’ Fresh Air special?

  • eliminates offensive smells that linger between mask layers
  • kills acne & odour-causing bacteria between washes
  • naturally scented with distilled botanicals – no harsh fragrances

2 Fresh Scents to Choose From!

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Protective face masks are here to stay – keep your mask fresh & clean between washes.

How to:

hold mask away from the face and spritz 1-3 times with misting pump. Shake your mask around a bit to dry any moisture and enjoy!

Scents to choose from:

Coming Up Roses – a floral blend that will leave you blooming

Fresh & Fruity – get a fresh perspective with this mint & citrus blend


80ml bottle with spray pump for easy application & storage.


Coming Up Roses, Fresh & Fruity


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