Get Steeped with Bath Teas

There’s nothing like a long, hot bath to relax the body and mind – take your bath time to the next level with specially crafted blends of minerals, herbs, flowers and essential oils designed to help you recharge.

Find Your Happy Place

Why did we make My Happy Place?

We’ve been longtime lovers of epsom soaks and bath bombs, but often the mess left behind dulls the shine of the entire experience – after all, nobody likes scrubbing off dyes that can stain or cleaning plant matter from clogged drains.

So, we packed all our fav bath time blends into adorable little tea bags that are 100% compostable – now you can enjoy all the luxury of spa-like herbal soaks without the reality check that reminds you that, at home, the ‘cleaning lady’ is you.

Choose Your Fav Blend

My Happy Place is available in these delectable blends:

Take Me Away – Ultra soothing with notes of lavender and jasmine.

Coming Up Roses – Relax deeply into this rosy blend.

Regenerate Me – Uplifting blend with the healing power of Marigold.

Auntie-Inflammatory – Big Auntie energy with this soothing Helichrysum blend.

Forget Me Not – Moisturise deeply with this wildcrafted beauty.

Day At The Spa – All your fav spa scents including lemongrass & lavender.

Heal My Soul – Go deep with mother Cedar, Sage & Cypress Pine.

My Happy Place Bath Teas come in 3 sizes:

  • Singles – find your fav blend or try one of each.
  • 3 Pack – a little pampering goes a long way – great for gifting.
  • 10 Pack – treat yourself to the ultimate bath experience.

Why should you soak with My Happy Place?

My Happy Place blends are specifically curated to help your body reset – here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Reduces inflammation, stress, and tension from muscles
  • Promotes sleep, performance and recovery
  • Helps relieve pain, constipation, headaches and more

What’s Up Next?

Stay tuned – we’re not done yet!

We’ve got a few FRESH solutions coming up to help you make the best of each day with simple, effective products that help you feel great and improve skin health.

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