Fresh Products You’re Going To Love

Are you ready to change your skincare game?

We may be six weeks into 2021, but we haven’t wasted any time kicking this year off the right way – with a ton of fresh new products to help us all feel good when things get to be a bit much (and let’s be honest, that’s a regular occurrence these days).

What Have We Got Up Our Sleeve?

Our focus is creating natural, sustainable products that work – so you can feel good about the products you wear and share with those you love.

Check Our Some Of Our New Products:

  • Try Me Mini Exfoliation Set – Our new TRY ME sized bags are the perfect way to find your new FAV & they make the perfect gifts. Choose from a list of skin-types or try all 5 for $15!
  • Here Comes The Sun Brightening Scrub – Skin feeling a little dull? Stress, Sleep, Diet and more can contribute to “dull” looking skin. Revitalize it with the brightening power of Turmeric and Vitamin C.
  • Green Lion Calming Scrub – Sensitive skin is easily aggravated. Calm it down with chilling Matcha and gentle plant-based oils that help tame angry pores.
  • Hey Rosé Repairing Scrub – Sun damage, uneven tone & even fine lines are no match for nature’s graceful-ageing powerhouses – Antioxidant loaded Beetroot and Roses.

All About Sustainability

We’re working hard to provide waste-free options for home and body & that includes our skincare tools as well as the products we use.

That’s why we’re SO proud to carry LoveAttack Reusable Cotton Rounds in 2 colours – made of 100% organic cotton – as well as LoveAttack’s all-natural, plant-based Eye Makeup Removing Oil in our shop.

LoveAttack is a B.C. Based, female-founded company (just like GETI!) that we’re so grateful to have found – we know you’ll love these products as much as we do.

Want a FREE set of LoveAttack Reusable Rounds?

Get yours free with every website order of $100+.

NEW Biodegradable Packaging

Waste-free & recyclable packaging has always been at the top of our list and now we’re proud to announce that we’ve added biodegradable paper packaging options to all our Masks & Scrubs.

  • REFILL – our 2oz Bags are the perfect size to refill your empties – they’re the same size as our 2oz glass jars.
  • RECYCLE – Toss these paper bags into your recycling bin to be processed, or add them to your garden/compost bin.

What’s Up Next?

Stay tuned – we’re not done yet!

We’ve got a few FRESH solutions coming up to help you make the best of each day with simple, effective products that help you feel great and improve skin health.

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