We’re Giving Back This Black Friday

Real Talk – we struggled with our Black Friday/Cyber Weekend promotions this year.

It’s a weird time all around & we’re all trying to find a balance between the traditions of our past and the potential of our future, so instead of the traditional Black Friday tactics we’re doing this year a little differently.

Here’s how our Weekend of Deals will roll out…

Friday November 27, 2020 – Black Friday

Black Friday kicks off with a traditional BOGO deal – the perfect way to shop for lots of folks or stock up for the winter. Buy One Get One FREE on everything in our shop – use code ‘blackfriday2020’ at checkout to activate your BOGO deal.

Every order receives a free sample & free shipping within North America for all orders of $50+ CAD.

Saturday & Sunday Nov 28/29 – Cyber Weekend

Help us spread a little holiday cheer and brighten up 2020 a little with our Get 20 Give 20 Cyber Weekend Program – Save 20% off your order using code Get20Give20 and we’ll donate 20% of your order value to a worthy charitable organisation.

Have the warm & fuzzies?

We’re not done yet…

Monday, November 30 – Cyber Monday

Have you always wanted to donate Christmas gifts to a local cause, but you’re not sure how? Let us help!

The new way to BOGO – Use code boGIVE20 at checkout and our elves will donate a duplicate of your order to an organization that provides Christmas gifts to families in need this holiday season.

Check out our new biodegradable packaging options & shop all your favs now.

All coupon codes valid at 12:01a.m. Pacific Time the day of until 11:59p.m. the same day (or the final day if a multi-day offer).

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