What’s New? Our BIG Announcement.

2020 has been a doosey, am I right?

It’s always something: Mother Nature herself trying to shake us, or the cracking of our socio-economic systems.

We’ve done our best to speak up when warranted, be quiet when it’s more important to listen & do good, rather than simply talk about injustice.

Through it all, we’ve been hard at work in the lab crafting products and messages that bring a few moments of joy to a tortured world. Now, after months in the shadows, we’re ready to announce a few big changes to the way we do things:

Enter LOVE Skin Company.

Our cheeky little acronym is Good Enough To Ingest, and as we grow we want to be sure the name of the brand shouts out to people what we’re all about.

This year, we’re going to start carrying products that aren’t made by Geti – think tools and accessories to help make your waste-free skincare game top notch.

We’re focusing on small, female-owned brands and products that are made right here in Canada: Clean ingredients, minimal packaging, affordable prices. Everything we choose to offer will be rigorously curated, but we can’t call them Geti, so we had to find another avenue.

We put a lot of thought and consideration into the new direction – whether it should reflect our plant-based ingredients, Ayurvedic practices or the traditional Indigenous values of our founder, and settled upon the one thing that unites us all – Love.

It is what the world needs now, after all.

What Can You Expect?

Love is a Skincare Shop for Everybody – let no one feel unrepresented here.

We vow to create a space where humans of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, cultures, genders or personality-types can feel safe and welcome. Most of all, we want you to feel Loved.

We’re still making the same great products we always have, and our Mission & Values remain the same – the best part?

Geti isn’t going anywhere.

We’ll slowly start transitioning over to a new shop space and blog, where the full line of original Geti Cosmetics products you love will live alongside other fierce, female-founded brands, and we’ll forward you to the space when it’s ready to launch.

An Upgraded Blog

We can’t wait to introduce you to our new writing crew & the interactive space we’ve created to connect with you.

What are your personal care questions? NOTHING is off limits.

How can you Help?

We need the input and support pf our loyal customers now, more than ever.

Help us test the new products & provide input on design & delivery. Click here to learn more about becoming an Ambassador.

Special Discounts for Subscribers. Blog subscribers gain access to exclusive discount of up to 40%-off!

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