Have 3 Minutes? Find Your Zen.

In today’s complicated world, it seems there’s never enough time in the day to do everything.

The whole world wants a piece of you and sometimes it feels like you can’t get a few short minutes to yourself to reset your vibe & brace for the next wave. Thankfully, we’ve uncovered a secret that we just can’t help but share…

Say Hello To 3 Minute Zen

When we launched 3 Minute Zen in 2019 we thought we’d found the ultimate way to chill out and reset when you haven’t got time for a really good bath.

After all, these little babies were specifically designed to melt away under the steam of your shower and release essential oil blends that Soothe, Invigorate or Uplift the mind, body & soul.

Imagine our surprise when a happy accident unveiled a whole new purpose for 3 Minute Zen:

During an impromptu filming practice for youtube tutorials, our Founder used one of our “melts” to scrub away rough, dead skin from around her heels and to remove stubborn dirt underneath fingernails. Pleasantly surprises at the results, she began testing 3 Minute Zen all over with great success.

Why Does 3 Minute Zen Make the Ultimate Scrub?

3 Minute Zen is perfect for your next shower & not just because the solids themselves are abrasive.

  1. 3 Minute Zen solids are antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory, meaning they can help keep skin clear of acne & infections like Candida & more.
  2. They’re loaded with plant-based essential oils specially crafted to provide specific skin-benefits as well as Aromatherapy while they do their work.
  3. They’ll leave your skin glowing – our solids are naturally brightening & leave dewy, glowing skin behind.
  4. They’re travel friendly – no more messy tubs or leaking jars. Easily pack these for a pick-me-up no matter where you are.

Find Your Zen

Want to know more about how to use 3 Minute Zen? Watch these videos on youtube to see them in action on hands, feet & more.

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