Our Skincare Routine – Spa Day with Geti

What does your skincare routine look like?

We’re all about showing our skin the best kinds of love and attention to help achieve the right kind of glow from within – without leaving oily residue or acne-causing inflammation behind.

Check out this simple video showing our 3 step skincare routine that can for a little pick me up 2-3 times per week that only takes 10 minutes.

Our Skincare Routine:

*ALWAYS start with a clean face – remove dirt that can wreak havoc on pores.

1 – Scrub A Dub –

Scrub away dead and dry skin with a gentle exfoliant that loads up on antioxidants and moisturizes at the same time.

We used our Wake Me up Coffee Scrub

2 – Mask Your Way –

Enjoy a gentle mask that whisks away excess dirt and oil from deep within pores to prevent future breakouts and help tighten and brighten a dull complexion.

We used Geti’s Green Lion Calming Mask

3 – Moisturize With Good Fats –

Once you’re squeaky clean, apply a plant-based moisturizer that helps pull moisture into the skin, rather than a serum which can’t penetrate your dermal barrier.

We love Geti’s Lime or Rose Body Butter.

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