Geti’s “Why” Story

You know that Geti is made only from food-grade ingredients that nourish and protect your largest organ, your skin.

You know we don’t add any harsh or toxic chemicals, we never test on animals, and we’re 100% vegan and gluten-free.

Do you know why?

About Our Founder

Geti started like many companies, from the personal need of our Founder who was searching for natural products for herself.

At 30, Ashley Whetung was happy, healthy and life was full of blessings. Sure, some days were harder, but in general, life was on track. Then, when investigation of a neck injury turned up some abnormal results things went awry in a big way.

After nearly a decade working and living the Health and Wellness industry, she found herself sick and caught off guard.

“How could this happen to me, of all people?” she asked.

After all, who lives a cleaner life than an executive in the Health world – with early access to all the latest tech and toys aimed to help achieve optimal health? How could this person get Cancer?

She began to remove toxins from her world in any way possible; physical, chemical, emotional and was completely horrified when she started looking through the ingredients in her makeup.

Many ingredients were designed to irritate and damage the skin so the wearer must wear more and more makeup to cover it up, while other ingredients were known to be dangerous to humans – causing all manner of hormonal, developmental, and other disorders and diseases.

Once again, she felt betrayed by the world she lived in.

“How could this be legal?” she wondered, “and how can we stop it?”.

After months of searching for products without Carcinogens, Hormone Disruptors, Heavy Metals, Petrol Products, Parabens, Mica, and other toxins…nothing. Not a single company in a sea of Green Beauty with truly clean, natural ingredients. So, she decided to start one.

It took a while to be sure natural ingredients worked just like their chemical-laden counterparts.

Geti launched in August 2018 with just one product in our store, our Cacao Kapow Kissable Bronzer, with velvety smooth application and delicious chocolate scent. We made sure to test and retest our products so every Geti Cosmetic and Skincare item works just like the products you know.

The line quickly grew with the addition of our Kaboom Contour Powder, Burnt Brow Butter & Brow Powder, and Lip Balm and we’ve been expanding the line of truly clean and natural products for your face and body ever since to include masks, scrubs, body butter and products for men.

It’s our goal to provide you with clean alternatives to all the chemical-laden products on the market now, so you’ve got choices when it comes to picking the right products for your health and the health of the ones you love.

Want to hear this story directly from our Founder? Check out this post with audio from the West Coast Women’s Show with photos of Ashley’s skin transformation using only natural skincare and cosmetics.

Want to know more about the ingredients in most Makeup and Skincare? Check out this post all about What’s In Your Makeup and our follow-up Is Your Makeup Toxic, where we review the ingredients of several popular products and see what’s really inside and the potential risks associated.

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