Pinky Swear You’ll Love Our New Scrub

It’s the end of a particularly long work-day…

You were passed up for a big promotion, said some things to your boss you can’t take back, and when you got home you realize you’ve locked yourself out of the house.

As you climb through the bathroom window, strategically placing a fully extended foot atop the sink, a fit of lady-rage flows through your veins.

Pour some wine (or have a tea if wine’s not your thing), turn on some dance music, and scrub away the day with a soothing blend of nourishing coconut oil, smile-inducing citrus scents, and just enough grit to leave you feeling refreshed.

Sure, a soothing scrub won’t erase your boss’ memory or get you that new job, but a positive mindset has been proven to do wonders for increasing success and happiness — both pretty important things if you ask us!

Here’s a post with a few more tips to help you achieve a positive mindset from

So what makes our Pinky Swear Glow Scrub so special, anyway?

Like all products made by Geti Cosmetics, Pinky Swear is 100% food-grade and chemical-free. Technically, it’s safe to eat (isn’t that neat?) so you can feel good using it on your skin.

What’s IN our scrub?

Coconut Oil

This tropical fruit is high in Omegas, and flexes its muscles as a killer of inflammation and bacteria.

We already know it’s a fabulous moisturizer, and there’s new evidence to suggest it may even help speed up wound healing. Safe to say this kitchen favorite earned its spot as the star of our newest scrub.

Himalayan Salt

If you’re looking for a detox, Himalayan Salt has your back. Loaded with toxin-pulling Magnesium, this vibrant flavor-enhancer is great at removing pesky inflammation, and might even help support hormonal functions for a healthy thyroid, waistline, and even sex drive.

Check out this post with more Himalayan Salt benefits, and check out all the ways you can use Himalayan Salt in your home.


You know the happy feeling you get when you bite into a cool, juicy orange on a hot, summer day? There’s science behind how specific chemicals found in Citrus fruits actually affects your brain’s chemistry — the reason the smell of Oranges, Grapefruits, or Lemons make you smile.

Aromatherapy is a powerful tool for enhancing mood, memories, and body chemistry. We strive to create a full experience for all your senses, using specially chosen essential oils for a unique feeling with each product.

Glow Scrub Tutorial

Using the Pinky Swear Scrub is easy!

Scoop a quarter-sized amount into your palm, using a spoon or your finger.

Rub both palms together for even application and gently scrub onto the skin of your clean face and neck for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Rinse off when ready and moisturize normally.

Scrubs should never be painful, cause redness or bleeding. Be gentle with your skin.

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