Your Perfect Brow Tutorial

We’re brow obsessed these days.

Where used to stand thin, spaghetti-like brows have become full, defined brows that are large, in charge, and ready to express all the feelings to the world around.  Don’t get it twisted, these are not the brows of the submissive or meek.

If you’re over 25, you lived through the tiny brow years…Over-plucking took its toll on our precious brow hairs and “temporary hair removal” became permanent for many of us.

What are we left with? 

Eyebrows riddled with thin spots, spaces or full-on gaps that have never grown back, (maybe even a few grey hairs…)

Unfortunately, we’re not Chia Pets, and plucking, waxing or chemical hair-removal can cause permanent damage to hair follicles — leaving us with spots that just won’t fill in on their own, no matter how much time we give them, care we offer, or magical potion we apply.

So, how do you create the perfect, full, firm brow — no matter what your situation is to start with?

Your Perfect Brow Tutorial

Step 1 – Prep

As they say, you have to sand and prime if you want a smooth finish. The same applies to your brow game.

Start with a good brush to remove any dry skin, loose hairs, and to style your brows into the shape/position you desire.

Need to pluck some strays? Check out this post from Hello Magazine for info on The Best Time to Pluck Your Eyebrows.

Not sure where to pluck? Let your makeup help.

Pro-tip: style your brows the way you like and carefully pluck away any hairs that sit outside the made-up area. You can also use your makeup to try on a new brow style before any plucking or waxing taxes place.

Step 2 – Fill

Spaces or gaps need a 3D product that can mimic hair follicles, so your brows look natural and not painted on.

Geti’s Burnt Brow Butter is perfect for spaces big and small.

Use a firm, angled brow brush or fine brush and small, dash-like stoked to look like small hairs.

Step 3 – Define 

Now that any spaces are filled, it’s time to cover any greys or thin spots and define those arches and borders with an all-natural brow powder like Geti’s Burnt Brow Powder.

Use the same angled brush, or a rounded one to gently push the product into your brows so you get to the skin, rather than the powder just sitting on top of the hair. 

Here’s a quick post about common “best styles” based on your face-shape from StyleCaster.

Step 4 – Finish

Ensure your brows look natural, no Groucho or Bert and Ernie Brows, with a light brush to finish.

This simple step ensures your brows look gorgeous and stay put throughout the day.

The perfect brows are mere minutes away! We hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial.

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