MASK-uline Skincare -Relationship Ghouls!

In our house, it feels like 2018 has come and gone with a blink.

This year has been full to the brim with excitement, and it seems easy to let a crammed schedule excuse away the need to carve out quality time with the person you choose to do life with.

“Date night this week?”

“Ugh. I’ve got a huge project deadline on Monday.”

Life gets hectic, and sometimes we need a little slack from our partners to get through.

That’s ok – as long as we ensure there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and every now and then, we straighten our neck muscles, look up from our device and directly into the eyeballs of the person across from us, and tell them how tough it would be to install blinds, move furniture, and keep the bed warm alone.

Of course, it may not always look like literal exclamations of love and appreciation…

One of the ways my husband and I mix in a little self-care while we show eachother love is by doing masks and or scrubs together.

It started as a way to test new recipes for Geti (he was the original guinea pig for the C-Here Detox Mask), and now it’s a way for us to unplug and unwind – painting funny masks on the other or giving a post-mask facial massage helps us physically connect.

Plus, you can’t help but really see someone when you’re a foot away fully concentrated on one of their most vulnerable body parts.

Think you’ll have a hard time convincing your partner to do something so “girly” with you?

Masks can be MASK-uline! 

At home, we love to stray from the normal and use the opportunity to test out our art skills. Does your partner love a specific superhero or masked marvel?

Here are a few photos of examples we’ve tried.

Think you can top these artistic wonders?

I’d LOVE to see your masks on social media!

Tag @geticosmetics and use hashtags #relationshipghouls and #maskulineskincare for your chance to win our entire skincare lineup to suit all your mask needs.

How do you like to do relationship self-care?

What helps you to keep the spark in your relationships (romantic and platonic)?

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