Get to know G.E.T.I. Cosmetics

Thanks so much for checking out the Geti Cosmetics.

Now that you’re here, you’re probably wondering…

What is Geti all about?

Here at Geti Cosmetics, we strive to craft the cleanest of personal care products for humans in every shade, shape & size.

Our goal is that each product in our delectable range is:

  • Gentle on Body
  • Sustainable for the Planet
  • Affordable and Accessible

A line of products geared to help you find your healthiest skin without harsh chemicals, animal products, or negative self-talk about beauty standards.


You’re completely unique and so is your look.

At Geti, that’s our favourite thing about you!

Here, we celebrate diversity and all the colour it brings to this beautiful world. After all, we’re all different shades of the same mix of ingredients.

How Gentle is Geti?

Check out this video of our Founder taste-testing a few of our products…

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2 thoughts on “Get to know G.E.T.I. Cosmetics

  1. e.christine.roberts says:

    Happy launch day to a stellar, hardworking, major babe. You dont even need makeup and here you are creating some fabulous products. Ive used makeup since high school and in my years this is the product i feel moat comfortable using. It does not irritate my skin and looks stunning. Also i get hungry; i can lick my face:)
    You’ve created great products that last in the container and throughout the day. Bravo you makeup master. Move over kim kardashian

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