Are Geti Cosmetics REALLY Natural?

You’ve seen this video of our founder taste-testing Geti products to prove just how safe they are, and now you want to know, “what’s up with Geti Cosmetics?”.

How are we going to change the beauty industry?

Here’s the deal:

Geti Makeup and Masks are made from 100% food-grade ingredients — we make sure every ingredient is safe AND good for your skin.

With us, you know exactly what’s in your makeup. You can read it on each product description and label in plain language that you can easily understand, and there are no hidden ingredients.

We ensure every ingredient has a purpose for your skin. Wondering why we put an ingredient in a product? Check out Our Ingredients page for a rundown of our ingredients and links to more information on why we’ve chosen them.

Why Do We Do This?

We absorb so much of our environment and can do little to limit the toxins we’re around each day. We can control what we put directly on our skin.

Studies are varied and suggest that we can absorb between 20-70% (depending on the type of chemical) of what we put on our skin.

That’s why we choose regular ingredients like Cacao, Beets and Charcoal (made from burned bamboo) to color our products – meaning our customers never have to worry about our products negatively affecting their health.

So, should I eat my Geti makeup?

While each Geti product is safe to eat — meaning you don’t have to worry about someone else testing your bronzer or blush, we don’t recommend you eat the products. Do your taste buds a favor and leave the taste-testing to us.

The best thing about Geti Cosmetics is that they work just like the makeup you know and use already.

Beautiful luscious bronzer that feels creamy on your skin, not cakey.

Sweet-smelling  body & lip butter that leaves you feeling smooth and silky.

Rejuvenating masks made with peppermint and cinnamon to wake up a dull complexion.

Our core mission at Geti is to make you feel naturally beautiful. After all, we hope that using our products will allow you to wear less makeup overall, and love the happy, healthy skin you’re in.

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5 thoughts on “Are Geti Cosmetics REALLY Natural?

  1. Cathy Tovey says:

    You must try the Charcoal Mask, though make sure you do not wear white…bet then I am a bit messy. The paste was easy to apply and once removed left my skin feeling really great. It got even better after massaging in the oil. The blush and bronzer, love the colours, are so nice as they are light and apply really well…not cakey. You do not usually find quality products that Geti provides for this price. Major bonus! Thank you Ashley for creating this!

  2. Jennifer Johnson says:

    I am so happy to see such a drastic shift in the personal care market. It seems like every geti product that launches touts natural ingredients. I want to know if the toxic ingredients still exist in Geti products?

    • getgeti says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      So glad you found us, and that you’re on the natural track. You can rest assured, Geti products contain 100% food-grade ingredients, no toxic chemicals or ingredients here. 🙂

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