Exfoliating Coffee Scrub – How To Wake Up Your Skin

No matter how clean your makeup and skincare products or how diligent your personal hygiene regimen; you could live in an untouched rainforest and, like every other mammal on the planet, you’d still need to rub and scrub and shed your skin from time to time to make way for fresh new cells.

It’s the process of regeneration, what allows your skin to heal and scars to fade. It also makes your skin feel tight, dry, even itchy when between cycles or if you’re molting unevenly. Sometimes you need to nudge along mother nature’s progress with a little help from the Wake Me Up Coffee Scrub once a week, opposite your C Here Charcoal Mask days.

Here’s how you can get the most from your scrub:

Open your jar of Wake Me Up Coffee Scrub and take a whiff! This baby smells like a latte for your skin.

Stand over your sink or easy-clean surface and evenly distribute approximately 1tsp of scrub per use onto a clean, slightly wet face (this will help you get even distribution without being too abrasive before you begin to scrub).

Gently scrub in small circular motion for 30sec, allowing the cinnamon and coffee to do their magic while you massage off those dead skin cells.

Feel the slight tingle of cinnamon as it increases circulation to your face, smile to yourself.

Wash off with a washcloth and warm water and massage in any remaining oils for the most luxuriously soft, dewy skin.

Further moisturize regularly, if desired.

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Interested in learning more about the benefits of some of the ingredients we use in our Coffee Scrub?

Coffee – Here’s a good article on the benefits of coffee in skincare by Livestrong.

Grapeseed Oil – Here’s a post from the Good Health Academy on conditions that may be helped by the use of Grapeseed Oil.

Dead Sea Salt – A lovely post from Natural Living Ideas.

Cinnamon – Stylecraze has a great post here.

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