Detoxifying Charcoal Mask – How To Get Your Glow

The charcoal mask is one of our favorite products here at Geti. The power of this mask to pull dirt and grime from your skin has no parallel, which is why we’ve put so much into making the whole experience stress-free. After all, the point of a mask is to get a taste of the relaxation of a spa day…

Who enjoys fussing with messy tubes? Not us.

Who likes poorly sloshing cold goop on her face, in her hair, up her nose? Not us.

Charcoal Mask Guide

  • Mix 1/2 Tsp. C Here Detox Mask with 1/2 Tsp. warm water and smooth into a paste using a spoon or soft-bristled brush.

  • Brush evenly onto entire face – be sure to keep out of eyes, ears, nose, and mouth – and let dry.

  • Wash off with your free black microfiber cloth and warm water.

  • Treat yourself to a 2-minute facial massage using a dime-sized portion of your free Camelia Oil.

  • Remove any excess oil/mask, moisturize normally and enjoy a fresh face!

Wait a minute, did you say I get two free items with my C Here purchase? Yep!

With each mask purchase, you’ll receive a free black microfiber facecloth. Why?

Charcoal is great for detoxifying the skin and body, and it’s really just burned up pieces of coconut, nut shells, or other materials (be sure to check the source of any charcoal you ingest). If you’ve ever had an ash from a nearby fire stain your clothes, you know that charcoal is tough to get out of porous fabrics. We want you to be elated post mask, not frantically scrubbing the stains from a washcloth. Some stains can’t be lifted with any amount of scrubbing with a Tide pen.

Post rinse with your new, black microfiber, you’ll enjoy a euphoric self-massage with your free Camelia Oil. This helps draw any residue out of your pores and puts moisture back into your skin, plus it feels amazing. Here’s a good how-to facial massage from

After your super-sexy self-massage, you can simply blot away any residue or leftover oil, moisturize as needed and put on your 3 B’s (Brows, Blush and Bronzer) and go!

Interested in learning more about the benefits of some of the ingredients we use in the C-Here invigorating mask?

Activated Charcoal – Here’s a good article on activated charcoal from Best Health Mag.

Rhassoul Clay – Here’s a great post from Beauty Munsta on the benefits of Rhassoul Clay.

Peppermint Oil – There are many benefits listed here by Organic

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