What is G.E.T.I.?

We believe no product should go on your skin that you wouldn’t eat; while we think of our skin like a suit we wear, it’s actually our largest organ.

Our world is more toxic than ever. We breathe in toxins from the air, our environment is rigid and plastic…even our food is becoming less nutritious. Wouldn’t it be nice if makeup was full of clean, nourishing ingredients that helped to protect and repair damage, rather than contributing to it?¬†¬†After all, we absorb anywhere from 20-70% of the chemicals we slather on and can do little to control the toxins we encounter once we leave home.

Geti offers 100% natural, chemical-free cosmetics that are made completely from food-grade ingredients and totally edible! While Geti products were designed to go on your body, everything we make is Good Enough To Ingest.

We’re pleased to announce a line of Bronzer, Blush, Brow Powder and Masks to help you get out from under that toxic cloud and step into the world of clean, natural, chemical-free beauty.

Don’t believe us?

Watch these videos of our founder and C.E.O. personally taste-testing each product.

*Disclaimer – while these products are safe to eat, we make no promises on their taste.*

Have a question? Leave a comment below or send an email to geticosmetics@gmail.com.

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